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Express Entry

Express Entry is not a new immigration program.  This is the new electronic selection system that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has implemented to select skilled workers applying to immigrate to Canada under the following programs:

Express Entry Process





Applicants: FSWP – FSTP – CEC – PNP   ->    Enter profiles in Express Entry pool   ->    Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Employers, Provinces select applicants




Citizenship and Immigration Canada issue an Invitation to Apply   ->    Apply for permanent residence. 

How does Condor Immigration Solutions assist you with the Express Entry System?

  • We will evaluate your current qualifications to enter into the Express Entry pool. If you qualify, we will submit your information in the system. If you don’t at the moment, we will work with you on a successful action plan that will increase your chances of qualification in the future.
  • We will follow up on your profile to advise you on how to maximize your chances to be selected and issued the invitation to apply (ITA)
  • We will monitor changes in federal and provincial programs to identify potential opportunities for you to apply.
  • We will guide you in collecting documents required for applications.

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