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Study Permit & Extensions

Why should you study in Canada?

  • You can work part time while you study and full time during school breaks.
  • Once you have finished your studies, you can work full time at any occupation for the same or longer period of time as your academic program.
  • Your children can attend elementary and high school free of charge while you study and/or work.
  • Your spouse can work legally while you study and/or work.
  • You can study in English or French.
  • You and your family may be entitled to free medical coverage, depending on the province you reside in.
  • Your profile will improve tremendously to be selected to qualify for permanent residence under the Express Entry system.
  • You will qualify in several provincial immigration programs to apply for permanent residence.
  • Canadian universities are very reputable around the world, especially in USA and Europe, by their superior quality of education.

What options will you have to apply for permanent residence upon completion of your study program?

There are a large number of Canadian colleges and universities that offer a variety of short and long term programs in different industries. Take a look at the links below and discover which program and academic institution will fit you best.

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Study permits are usually applied for in the country of citizenship or country of residence


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